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- Pacer 27 Sport
- Pacer 376 CR
- Pacer 376 EP
- Pacer 376 R
- Pacer 400
- Pacer 310 Sprint
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- Pacer 42 CR
- Leisure 42 LE
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- Hunter 27
- Hunter 33
- Sy Elite, pacer 376 EP
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Pacer Yachts

About Pacer Yachts

About Pacer Yachts
Pacer Yachts is a family business, with Tim Dykins as its CEO. Tim has always been interested in the industry and although he dabbled in boat-building from 2001, he formalised the business in 2005 with the launch of the successful Pacer 42, an all-epoxy light displacement performance yacht which has gone on to prove herself time and again in all kinds of race formats. 2010 see's the Brand, Pacer Yachts, with an ever expanding footprint in Europe, the United Kingdom, and of course locally in South Africa. The latest model to be developed and soon to be launched in Spain, is the all-new, Pacer 310.

News from Pacer Yachts
The news Pacer 310 Sprint is the first non 'Simonis Voogd' designed 'Pacer' in the fleet, off the drawing board of Jaudenes-Theys. ( www.jaudenes-theys.com ).

Their backround:

Javier Jaudenes

  • B.Eng. naval architecture (Southampton University, UK).
  • Final Project: Complete Design of High Performance racing Sailing boat: ILC 40. Awarded: Royal Yachting Association prize
  • 7 years experience working on design offices (Barracuda yacht Design, ID99),
  • Project manager on construction of a 70m Luxurious yacht (Rotterdam)
  • Optimisation of IMS boats. Keel designs
  • Racing in Dinghies and helming: 3/4 Tons, One ton, 50 footers, Corel 45 on the IMS circuit and Corel 45 during 6 seasons. La Casera.

Lieven Theys
  • initiated in contract and change management for ship construction and repair through RINA course.
  • awarded Chartered Engineer status (C.Eng.) by Engineering Council UK.
  • initiated in contract and change management for ship construction and repair through RINA course.
  • election as member (MRINA) of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA)
  • Industrial engineering in electronics (KIH De Nayer, Belgium)
  • B.Eng. naval architecture (Southampton University, UK)
  • Practical experience in construction and refits of sailing and motor yachts
  • Development of theoretical CFD method using vortex blob method (AMECRC; Launceston, Australia)
  • Development of VPP for Aloha Racing Syndicate Americas cup team (Houston, USA)
  • Commercial ship rule assessment development (Lloyd's Register; London)
  • Co-ordination of development of SSC rule assessment software (Lloyd's Register; London)
  • Short contract work in structural calculations and design

  • Racing with Pacer Yachts
    Pacer Yachts as a brand, is all about boats which offer good performance . This is not to say that every design is an all-out racer, rather that our designs carry a performance element and pedigree. To this end, Tim Dykins believes that an effect way of marketing the Brand is through club and one-design competition.

    Race Campaigns currently being planned and put in place are;
    Germany - Schwern Yachten
    France - Pacer 376 EP - 'Racey Pacer'
    Cape Town - Pacer 376 R 'Southern Storm' (Winner of Twilight Sailing Season IRC) 2010/2011

    Watch this space for details.